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IILM Academy
IILM Academy of Higher Learning

IILM AHL, Jaipur is engaged in promoting higher education at the postgraduate level. During a short span of 19 years, the Institute has acquired its place in Rajasthan amongst the best Management Institutes on account of its faculty, facilties and ambience. The institute's infrastructure is fully geared to attend to the contemporary needs of the students. It has a fully integrated campus with state-of-the-art education.
The success of the past inspires confidence in the future, confidence in its ability to continue to nurture those special skills and attitudes that produce leaders capable of changing the world of business. The impressive record of placements bear testimony to the demand for this combination as personified in all our student managers.
IILM is recognized by AICTE. On successfull completion of programme, students are eligible for Post Graduate Diploma in Management approved by AICTE and Master of Buisness Administration approved by RTU.


  • Mutually beneficial and sustained employer engagement.
  • International linkages that promote cross-cultural learning.
  • A deep commitment to sustainable development and a green environment.
  • An appreciation of the cultural heritage and socio-economic diversity of India.
  • A culture of continuous improvement and total quality that encourages creativity and innovation.
  • A human resource strategy that values people and teamwork and is committed to employee development and training.

Key Themes

  • Improving the student experience.
  • Proactive employer engagement in the region.
  • Maximizing the learning value-add to students from entry to exit.


  • An understanding of organizations, their external context and their management.
  • The ability to acquire and analyse data and information.
  • The ability to apply relevant knowledge to practical situations.
  • The ability to work and lead effectively in a team based environment.
  • An improvement in both oral and written communication skills.
  • Be sensitive to the social, economic and environmental responsibilities of business.
  • Graduates will understand the symbiotic relationship between business and social development.
  • Graduates will understand the role and impact of business on sustainable economic development.
  • Graduates will develop a robust set of personal values that guide their behaviour.
  • Graduates will be able to recognize and frame responses to ethical dilemmas in organizational settings.
  • Exhibit responsibility in minimizing negative environmental impact due to business activities.
  • Be cognizant of the impact of their individual & corporate actions on society and recognize ethical business practices.
  • Graduates will learn to balance the impact of decisions and actions on themselves, their organisations and society.
  • An awareness of current issues in business and management which is informed by research and practice in the field
  • An understanding of appropriate techniques sufficient to allow investigation into relevant business and management issues.