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IILM's vision for its full-time academic programmes is to groom young graduates as leaders who are innovative, creative, can execute effectively, and are socially responsible. The focus is on experiential learning, design thinking, developing skill sets while sharpening the ability to deal with the basics, and critical and analytical thinking.
PGDM with IILM, Jaipur provides experimental learning through Field Immersion Experiences for Leadership Developement(FIELD) Career Trek and Classroom to Community. With the aim of providing umatched flexibility IILM has introduced flexible track into its curriculum.
IILM provides global exposure to its students so that they can get the knowledge of the international market. We have a signed a Letter of Internet (LOI) with Simmmons College of Boston, US. The purpose is to develop mutually beneficial linkages. IILM has established a 5-year partnership with prestigious YORK Institute of Health Research(YIHR), YORK University, Toronto, Canada for a comprehensive Research Project on 'Social and Cultural Determinants of Health'.
IILM Jaipur in a collaboration with RIICO conducted a study on "Bhiwadi Industrial Belt, RIICO- Survey and Assesment of Challenges & way forward".

Learning Goals

The program is being offered with the following Learning Goals:

  • L1- An understanding of organizations, their external context and their management.
  • L2- An understanding of appropriate management techniques to allow investigation into business and management issues.
  • L3- The ability to acquire, analyze and understand data and information.
  • L4- Critical thinking and informed judgement leading to problem solving and decision making skills.
  • L5- Cognitive flexibility which enables adaptability to uncertainty in a rapidly changing world.
  • L6- An understanding of disruptive and technological change and the ability to seek innovative and entrepreneurial solutions.
  • L7- Be able to effectively communicate and negotiate.
  • L8- Demonstrate emotional intelligence and people’s skills in working in teams and with people.
  • L9- Be cognizant of the impact of their individual and corporate actions on society, recognize responsible and inclusive business practices and be sensitive to the social, economic and environmental responsibilities of business.